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Africa has a very fast growing population. Uganda for example, according to Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), is estimated to have a population of over 34,900,000 people, and majority of whom (70%) is the youth (under the age of 30 years). Over 40,000 students graduate each year from various educational institutions around the country with hopes of finding placements in the few available jobs in the country. A recent study published by Action Aid, put youth unemployment in Uganda at 62%, although the African Development Bank says it is 83%; the highest in Africa. This has been worsened by the huge leadership crisis, highly characterized by corruption and embezzlement of funds, and lack of accountability.

To address these, Golden Consult Africa was founded as a social enterprise with an intention of first creating space for nurturing servant  leader – raising leaders with integrity and passion to serve and positively impact their communities and beyond. We also are intentional about providing space for imparting business and entrepreneurship skills, plus talent search and development; to enable the young professionals find, and/or create jobs and become more productive and self-reliant citizens in their communities; and most importantly become great positive change-agents in their societies and beyond in so doing, addressing the vice of poor and corrupt leadership, unemployment, illiteracy, and poverty.

GOLDEN-CONSULT-AFRICA2-300x76At Golden Consult Africa, we are also passionately sold out to the ideal that Africa’s problems must be solved by Africans and that the first step is to create successful local enterprises that will champion this positive transformation. Our hope is to bring life into African economy by training, nurturing, creating, inspiring and supporting a generation of young, fresh, brilliant, creative, honest, innovative and courageous human resource niche and entrepreneurs.

We strongly believe that Africa must prioritize its sustainable development strategies towards raising a new breed of servant leaders; strengthening the visions, efforts and businesses established by the emerging group of young entrepreneurs and developing the capacity of its workforce, an agenda that we have taken initiative to champion. Starting with East Africa in particular, we continue presenting ourselves as agents of this positive hope of transformation for African continent and we continue working with all able bodied and able minded young people, collaborating with them, learning from them, as we inspire and call out greatness in them, teaching them to build with us an Africa that is respected as a global leader in all spheres of life – politics, economics, social structures and community at large.

Africa remains a powerful emerging economy also endowed with very enterprising people and the young people who constitute the majority population are very zealous for work and service to their nations, but most of their efforts are challenged due to: the lack of integral leadership or poor governancelack of adequate professional skills and knowledge, lack of adequate financing and capital, and lack of adequate networks and synergies to propel their initiatives to break even or improve on their productivity. For the entrepreneurs sadly, their incredible businesses  ideas die while those in the human resource niche fail to get jobs or are unemployable – widening the unemployment gap, and all contribute to the increased poverty level.

Currently, Africa takes the highest share of global unemployment and underemployment. Many energetic and zealous youths graduate every year, with good grades but a world with no jobs undermines their ability to grow. The situation is made worse by an education system which manufactures mainly job searchers and ignores the need for more job creation as well – though lately they are beginning to realize this need.

Therefore, the African leadership crises marred by ego-centrism, the youth unemployment , Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) dilemma, and the African poverty crises aren’t challenges that we at Golden Consult Africa would sit and watch continue escalate.

We cannot sit and continue watching leaders increasingly becoming self-centered, corrupt and managing their subjects with ruthlessness rather than serve the people they lead; the rate of youth unemployment rising by the tick of the clock against an increasing population; 90% of local businesses started each year meeting their deaths before their first anniversary; general productivity in Africa’s economies staggering due to unskilled workforce.

Our movement inspires and sustains action towards a servant, progressive and innovative leadership and entrepreneurial approach to transform and liberate all of Africa. We strongly believe that through these training and leadership opportunities we offer, in times to come; Africa will arise with new breed of servant leaders and all beneficiaries of our programs can become more productive and self-reliant citizens in their communities; they can take up leadership mantles and serve their societies or organizations with integrity, find jobs for themselves and also create business ventures that would employ many others, and above all triumph over illiteracy and poverty.