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Leadership is one of the greatest areas that the whole world has struggled with for generations. Here in Africa; the crisis of it has become a disease that’s eating up so many economies. Egocentric approaches to leadership has left many nations in Africa struggling to even survive. As strong believers in the school of thought that leadership is about service; we have seldom taken it is our responsibility to go out and create spaces for nurturing “servant leaders in Africa and and beyond. It’s true that back then, it was only those who had the ability to control others who were regarded as great leaders. The men and women who had the powers and passion of intimidating others, who looked stronger or energetic, the worriers; – became the kings and queens of the time. As time has transcended, those who care about the well-being and development of their people and communities have come to realize that ruthlessness doesn’t translate to good leadership. Leadership today, unlike then, is about how one impacts others and is translated into legacy. It is described as the art of working with and through others. John C. Maxwel – Author and renowned speaker on Leadership says – “leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.” The 21st Century Leadership Development model that we offer, emphasizes Servant Leadership and the path for bringing to light positive results in today’s times. It’s no longer about instructions that one can pass to subordinates, but about “whether you do what you say.”



Africa today is having the highest of it’s population dominated by the youth and each year hundreds of thousands graduate from different institutions with homes of finding employment which is usually not always easy to get and as such, over 60% of the youth are unemployed. At GCA, we offer training opportunities to equip various job seekers with job search skills search as business networking, resume and cover letter writing, interview tips, among others. On top of this, we offer recruitment and training services – helping purpose driven companies and organizations find the best talents that suit their need – men and women of integrity.



This is one major area of our services in which we reach out to to equip emerging entrepreneurs with basic business skills such as business plan formulation, marketing strategies, financial management, among others; with hopes of empowing them with skills they need to start, manage and grow successful businesses. On top of this, we often create for them platforms for networking and synergy; and in future we hope to provide seed capital to help them implement their business ideas.



Many professionals in our communities lack professional communication skills, public speaking being one fundamental one; no wonder they struggle to find jobs, effect leadership roles or move far in their careers. To fix this, GCA offers a specialized and practical professional public speaking skills and professional communication skills training to enable them overcome their fears and communicate effectively. For example, our training in “Mastering the Art of Public Speaking” has helped many of our trainees overcome their public speaking fears and deliver speeches with confidence. We have helped our trainees discover how to engage with their audience, make a lasting impact, speak with confidence, conviction and authority. Indisputably, the mastery of this skill has helped put many to the front professionally and socially. We endeavor to make make you give no more excuses for ineffectiveness in self-expression through public speaking by equipping you with the skill.   



We have also come to notice that the world all round has become a “dot”. It is now so easy for people to easily connect regardless of where they are. And with this; comes great wealth of opportunities. It’s those who push further to tap into the network/connect with others who enjoy the fruits that Networking brings.

“Networking has delivered more return on investment than any other tool in my business. Both financially and in non-monetary terms, my network has delivered so much value that I can not imagine what my situation would be like without it. If there is one thing that I could suggest that would be guaranteed to boost any business, networking would be it.”

Networking is about making connections and building enduring, mutually beneficial relationships. We operate as a catalyst that helps you meet the “right” people to include in your network and expand your spheres of influence. Knowing that Networking is about working with people and nurturing relations; a way to learn about career fields and jobs; we highly promote and encourage our trainees to engage in vast networking. This is because we know it helps to offer them opportunities and activities that go beyond just the work place or business environments. We know if one is able to network with three people and those three each network with three more people, that person’s total network covers twelve people just like that! We greatly believe there’s so much power and opportunities that come with networking, and we take lead roles in equipping our trainees with this skill as well.



As one scholar once said; “One is too small a number to achieve greatness”. We endeavor to encourage all those involved in our programs to work with others. That as single individuals our unit output might only be 100 units each; whereas when we add others to the team, say making the total number 10 members; we can bring greater output of even 10,000 units.

The challenge that every organization faces is how best the diverse group of its human resource components can merge as one team and create desired goals without taking personal credit for it. Building and maintaining effective teams requires each individual contributor to the team to comprehend that they are each a drop but Together they are Ocean. There’s no limit to what can be accomplished if it doesn’t matter who gets the credit. This is based on the concept of the product being sufficiently complex that it requires a team with multiple skills to produce. A better product will result when a team approach is taken. Our training approach is designed to be highly interactive and participatory, using a combination of techniques, including case studies, role-plays, small group exercises, large group discussions, and individual reflection. Participants are able to use the practical exercises, tools, and resources both during and after the workshop to improve their internal teamwork.



Wherever there are more than two people living together or staying in a place together, you never also miss out on having disagreements. Conflicts will always be there. You can not avoid them. They might have been brought about willingly or unwillingly by either party. But all in all, people will always have opposite view points. These conflicts do not always have to be negative.  When employees are able to challenge one another’s ideas in a supportive environment, new ideas are generated and fostered. Most Leaders have a tendency to put off those difficult conversations hoping the problem will disappear. Whether vulgar language, excessive gossip, inappropriate dress, personal hygiene, or performance issues, every leader will face difficult employee issues. Effective supervisors have the skills to manage the conflict process and turn disagreements into ideas. As team leaders, it is within your powers to ensure that no conflict is left hanging as soon as they occur. You have to initiate the resolution process and ensure the conflict is solved so as to harness a healthy working environment if you and your team are to meet your goals. Remember, unresolved conflict leads to low morale, increased turnover, low productivity, and in extreme cases, workplace violence.



  • Staff Recruitment and Training
  • Starting a Business that Prospers – Entrepreneurship Training
  • Personal Financial Management
  • Career Guidance (Finding your Career Path)  
  • Harnessing Collaborative Communication at Work Place
  • Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Self Confidence Building 
  •  Interpersonal and Negotiation Skills
  • Goal Setting – Molding Life Vision and Mission
  • Business Writing (CVs/Resume, Application/Cover Letters, Business/Project Proposals, etc) 
  • Interview Tips
  • Human Resource Management in the 21st Century
  • Time Management Couching
  • Delegation and Subordination
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Personal Branding (Dressing, Hygiene, Etiquette, Time Management Coaching, organizational abilities/skills)
  • Motivational Talks – iNSPIRE
  • And sharing of available opportunities around the world