Head Office: Plot 37, John Babiiha Avenue – Kampala

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OUR VISION: We are Building the Pillars of Africa through creating spaces for raising authentic leaders, empowerment of young entrepreneurs and human resource development starting with Uganda and beyond.

OUR MISSION: We are committed to empowering Africa’s young leaders, entrepreneurs and human resource niche through leadership skills development, entrepreneurship training, capacity building and human resource development; promoting the ideals of creating a robust niche of integral leaders and successful entrepreneurs in Africa, enhancing excellent performance at workplaces, and overall increase in productivity.

Our ideal zeal is in empowering, training, nurturing, creating, inspiring and supporting a generation of young, fresh, brilliant, creative, honest, innovative and courageous leaders, human resource niche and entrepreneurs in Africa that will stand out and champion positive transformation of African continent as a whole.


INTEGRITY: At Golden Consult Africa  (GCA), we strive to promote a culture of transparency among each other and our partners above everything else. This implies that, we are always keen on ensuring that we do the right thing at all times and that we put the interests of the company and its mission before our own.

EXCELLENCE: We endeavor to be Passionate, Creative and Innovative in our operations, constantly researching and bringing in new impulse and ideas as well as evaluating and renewing our ways in achieving best results. Excelling in everything we do is in our high priority list. We strongly believe that every challenge is an opportunity to excel.

RESPECT: At GCA, we value everyone’s uniqueness, abilities, contributions and responsibilities. It means we do not fear, but honor each other based on the high values we attach to everyone. It’s also about recognizing authority and acting within our limits/boundaries.
We work utmost precision on a defined timeline and make sure we beat it – that is our core-values3definition of hard-work. Achieving the best results within the limited time and resource available because we give it our best shots. We are aware that nothing just comes by without somebody taking initiative and shooting at it.

TEAM WORK: We cherish the power of synergy. We believe it is the duty of everyone to work together as a unit; putting the well-being of the group before their individual interests.The core principle of corporation and/or working together with others as a better means of achieving goals and objectives is at our heart in GCA.

LOVE: We seek to promote a culture of love across all diversities; prioritizing meaningful relationships within the organization and beyond.