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Purpose Driven Leadership – Envisioning

Over the weekend, our Founder and Chairman – Mr. Denis Okurmu had an opportunity to speak to a group young enthusiastic female leaders being raised by Cornerstone Development Africa on the topic of “#ENVISIONING” as a key leadership skill in 21st Century. From is sharing here are some quick thoughts we picked:

“There are people among us who we refer to as real leaders for a reason. It is not because they are super normal beings, but because they see things a bit differently, and desire to see something new come into the world and are consumed with the desire of bringing positive transformation in their communities. By nature, they look forward and imagine a better future for all. They are able to articulate the hopes and dreams of the people, and present a road-map towards achieving them.

There are many challenges in the world and these bring innumerable opportunities for causing positive change.
The reason people will believe in you and call you their leader willingly is because you always stand up in the face of adversity and see opportunities and most importantly, help them trample over those challenges. You see bigger picture beyond those challenges.

Envisioning should be in every authentic leader’s competence. It is about being able to identify and articulate a shared vision and purpose for the greater good of the community you lead.”

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