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For a long time, our societies have embraced the notion that, leadership is meant for the elderly among us, as such the views and opinions of the young people have been given less attention. As of today, we can all realize that times have changed. Our societies are changing rapidly each day. Talk about technology – the rise of social media and smart phones; among others. Top on these rapid changes has been the rise in population of many nations that has seen the youth taking the gargantuan share which for Uganda for instance, is estimated at over 70% of its population.

These youth face a lot of challenges which the elderly authorities in leadership in most cases seem to ignore or do not have touch with; and as a result – a number of these youth feel their challenges are not being addressed. The question that comes here is; who should address them? This is where the problem is. Most of them think there should come a savior in form of a leader from somewhere else to help them out. This is the kind of paradigm that we at Golden Consult Africa do not bolster. Through our interactions with a number of different youths around East Africa, it has come very clear to us that the time is now for the youth to step up to the call of leadership that seem so evident; that it is now their time to step up to the challenges that they face and not wait for some outside guardian angels to fix them.

This is a paradigm problem. Our today’s youth are engulfed in many attitudinal challenges regarding their roles in addressing issues that surround them. At the center of this problem lies low self-esteem, limited involvement in leadership roles, poverty, corruption, illiteracy, poor career guidance and counseling, among others.

It’s against this background that Golden Consult Africa constituted leadership package to retool and equip the youth with leadership skills so as to enable them assume leadership roles in the society they are a part of. We support and train the youth in “developing their ability to serve others, to analyze their own strengths and weaknesses, to appreciate the beauty that lies in diversity, set personal and professional goals, and have the self-esteem, confidence, motivation so as to tap their leadership potentials.  We believe that leadership requires creating a shared vision, building trust and confidence in others, and enabling others to act toward a common goal.

We focus on the practice of leadership rather than the theory. We believe that young adults should be given the opportunity to practice what they learn, such
as being responsible for designing, organizing, and implementing their own
conferences and making sound decision. During the leadership trainings and engagements, we encourage the youth to pursue their own interests, and help them integrate into their local communities. Ultimately, the establishment of leaders in all aspects of society will eventually improve the lives of all youth and people. As great leaders, it is time for young adults to carry on the torch. The bigger question that arises in regard to this is; Are the youth of Uganda and beyond ready to assume the responsibilities?

Many young people aren’t typically thought of as leaders. To some extent this might be seen as true. Many of today’s youth not only lack experience and skills in leadership, but also many are too timid to assume leadership roles. But with the right attitude, an observant eye and a desire to learn, any young man or woman can take on leadership responsibilities and can do very well.

As part of our leadership development package, we have identified active participation as key and have made exciting progress toward increasing youth engagement. Through our training programmes we have continuously noticed that many youth have a curiosity to understand things and forge their own path, which often enables them to discover new and better approaches. Youth have a unique perspective on the world and it is our responsibility to encourage them to use their gifts and talents to make a big difference.

We want to encourage more young people to step into leadership roles, to identify problems that require solutions, to apply innovative thinking and problem-solving skills to those problems and come up with solutions. We can’t wait for the government to solve all the problems because there too many of them. We need the youth to get involved.

Young people need to identify opportunities and develop their skills to be able to take advantage of those opportunities. Golden Consult Africa understands how hard it for today’s youth to gain meaningful employment. We therefore developed leadership packages and trainings to ensure the youth are skilled and retooled so that they can be relevant and can be absorbed in the employment sector.

We believe that if young people understand themselves better, understand the call to leadership and that anybody can be a leader, if we challenge them, they will rise up to it. If we see a lot more young people taking up leadership, then we know that definitely the future of our youth is secure. We look at leadership from the micro point of view of the young people. We believe that a lot of young people in this country are creative and innovative. Young people, the future is calling, let’s rise up and assume leadership roles in the society. Golden Consult Africa will continue guiding you to discover your leadership potentials.

Written by Munguongeyo Ivan


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