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Jovia Kirabo

#1. JOVIA KIRABO’S STORY – Former Guild Representative and Former Deputy Guild Speaker – Kyambogo University (Uganda)

The picture on left is of one Jovia Kirabo, a former student of Kyambogo University in Uganda. In her Senior High School, Jovia  had a chance to go through our public speaking course from Ekitangaala Transformation High School (in Central Uganda) in 2013 and, was later elected as a Guild Representative and later appointed as the deputy guild speaker for the guild leadership at Kyambogo university where she pursued her degree program. In her own words she states:

“I rose up taking many roles in the Guild Leadership of Kyambogo University because of the opportunity I had to study the Public Speaking course offered to students at my former high school by Golden Consult Africa. I used to tremble every time I was asked to speak to people and would fail to say even a word due to my public speaking anxiety. However, after this course, I overcame my fears and became a confident lady who would stand up at any time and share freely whatever would be in my mind. When I joined Kyambogo university, because of my passion for leadership, I took the bold step to campaign and went through as a Guild Representative for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in the university; and later when it came to the appointment of guild ministers, every eye was on me because of my great speaking ability which led to my appointment as the University Deputy Guild Speaker; a position that gave me so much influence and privileges at the university.”


#2. MISS. JULIET NAKANJAKO’S STORY  – Human Resource Manager – Rhino Fund (Uganda)


Miss. Juliet Nakanjako (In picture on right), is the current Human Resource Manager – Rhino Fund Uganda. In October 2015 we (Golden Consult Africa) had a chance to run a very successful one week Capacity Building and Leadership Development training for the organization’s leadership team. Consequently, Miss. Juliet Nakanjako later had this to say:

“It was very exciting to have an opportunity to be equipped with exceptional leadership skills and most importantly for my team to be empowered to go out and work as a powerful and unified team by Golden Consult Africa. A number of us in leadership positions in this organization had been always figuring things out through trial and error and in some cases, this had made it hard for us to function well as a leadership team. Sometimes we would end up clashing in our roles, or fail to beat our targets since we were not fully equipped and energized with fresh ideas and skills to lead and work as a team. The one week Capacity Building Training we had with the team from Golden Consult Africa was so refreshing and marked a brand new start for all of us entrusted to lead at different capacities in this organization (Rhino Fund Uganda). Going forward, we have surely loved the support from the Golden Consult Africa team in recruitment and training of our staff in the organization. We are so grateful for this partnership opportunity and we hope that this new found relationship with Golden Consult Africa shall last longer.”


At Golden Consult Africa – it is such stories that inspire us the more to keep doing what we do. Our movement inspires and sustains action towards a progressive and innovative leadership, entrepreneurial and human resource development approaches to transform and liberate all of Africa. From the time we launched this social enterprise in 2015, our work has positively impacted the lives of many. Through our youth leadership development initiative, we have trained over 1000 young leaders across East Africa in key leadership skills such as integrity, inclusiveness, servant leadership, purpose driven leadership, democratic governance, among other relevant topics. As a result, we have had over 100 young leaders across the region take up leadership positions within their schools or colleges and others have gone to both local and national levels. Our hope is to raise a new breed of African leaders who have high regard for integrity and are fearless positive transformation agents in their societies and beyond. We have partnered with organizations such as Cornerstone Development Africa, World Vision, among others through the youth leadership development initiative to help nurture a new breed of African leaders who have a high regard for integrity and are fearless positive transformation agents of their societies and beyond.

We have also helped over 100 graduates in East Africa find jobs through our Recruitment and Training services plus the preparation for jobs training and support program we offer. Over 300 young leaders and professionals like Mrs. Ayella Pamela, Dr. Geroge Mawanda, Mr. Julius Musamiya, and others who could not confidently face the world and share their minds, have come out to testify and show that the world has become their foot stage; speaking with absolute command and confidence; after going through our communication skills training program – Mastering the Art of Public Speaking.

To the zealous entrepreneurial people like Osbert from Pakwach – Uganda, Kabalatha, Pella, and Kisakye, whose passions for business ventures are unquestionable; we have been there to mentor them into business development, seeing them through from the conception stage to where their businesses are successfully serving their niche.

So many stories to tell, but can’t finish them all. Our joy is seeing an Africa that is prospering in all areas, starting with its economic muscles, seeing its entrepreneurs triumph, that those young professionals who are passionate about their career development have a chance to be equipped to take up good jobs; seeing the directionless and the downcast get inspired to rise above their odds and accomplish exploits and most importantly a new generation of African Leaders who are accountable to their subjects for they have a high sense and regard for integrity; whereas the youth population empowered to champion positive societal transformation socially, economically, politically, in the religious spheres and all aspects of life that form a prosperous economy. Talk to us today!