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Golden Consult Africa is a Ugandan based social enterprise, with a mission of building the pillars of Africa by nurturing and inspiring a generation of young, fresh, brilliant, creative, honest, innovative and courageous leaders, human resource niche and entrepreneurs in Africa for positive transformation of the continent and beyond.

This we are accomplishing through creating platforms for capacity building, entrepreneurship training, talent search and development, leadership skills and other basic human resource competence building training we offer; through which we hope to champion in Africa; the greatest ideals of integral leadership, excellent performance at workplaces, establishing enterprises that triumph and overall increase in productivity – transforming them into great positive change-agents in their societies and beyond.

GCA operates its activities in partnership with other inspired individuals around the world, government institutions, private companies and other development organizations who have strong desire of creating positive impacts in Africa, with focus on [1] molding a new breed of African leaders with high regard for integrity; [2] building a strong workforce or human resource niche that can compete on the world map,  [3] developing and growing the entrepreneurial capacity of young African Entrepreneurs [4] eliminating unemployment, illiteracy and poverty; among others.

We have been in operation since March 2015 to-date. Our first zone of operation was in Uganda and over the years, our work has expanded to cover over 30 institutions within Uganda, and other East African region such as Rwanda, Southern Sudan and Tanzania. Our partnership has grown over the years as well to include institutions such as, Cornerstone Development Africa, Uganda Christian University, East African MinistriesMakerere University, Rhino Fund Uganda, Kyambogo University, World Vision, GDP Ideas, Toastmasters International, Pulse Village Transport, Edu Child Foundation Uganda, among others.