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<p>DEADLINE: February 23, 2020 Applications are open for the 5th African World Heritage Youth Forum, a capacity-building exercise focusing on Youth, Entrepreneurship and Heritage Sustainability in Africa. The Forum places an emphasis on entrepreneurship skills development towards promoting and increasing African youth participation in the stewardship and promotion of World Heritage in Africa in a creative and innovative […]</p>
<p>We have had a great opportunity today to share some wisdom with this vibrant group of South Sudan Young Leaders – as we finalized the “Public Speaking” course with them before their graduation in 2 weeks. Among the many areas of our discussion was the topic of Self Confidence. One […]</p>
<p>Over the weekend, our Founder and Chairman – Mr. Denis Okurmu had an opportunity to speak to a group young enthusiastic female leaders being raised by Cornerstone Development Africa on the topic of “#ENVISIONING” as a key leadership skill in 21st Century. From is sharing here are some quick thoughts we picked: “There are […]</p>
<p>It has been a very fruitful day for us here in Rwanda. We had the opportunity to meet with recent university graduates from different universities in Rwanda. We engaged them in a Career Seminar – equipping them with some highly needed/critical job search skills. Great thanks to COSA Rwanda Team […]</p>
<p>As universities and colleges around the country close down the final semester of the academic years 2017/2018 – a number of the young professionals are also coming out as fresh graduates and eagerly expecting to find jobs out there. But without the right skills set – this job hunt can […]</p>
<p>For a long time, our societies have embraced the notion that, leadership is meant for the elderly among us, as such the views and opinions of the young people have been given less attention. As of today, we can all realize that times have changed. Our societies are changing rapidly […]</p>
<p>Focusing on self-improvement can present many opportunities in your life. But in order for things to change in your life, in order to get where you want to be, you have to grow into the person who is ready for that change. Personal development is vital to your success. It involves making […]</p>
<p>  1. Make decisions with speed and conviction. There is a pervasive myth in business that the best leaders are the ones that make the best decisions. However, recent studies have shown that this isn’t necessarily the case. According to a recent study published in Harvard Business Review, one of […]</p>
<p>Last meeting for the term/semester with this intelligent group of emerging servant leaders in Africa. Our last topic of discussion was on the importance of having a strong self belief system (Self Confidence/courage). We realized that, it is only those who are able to stand tall and strong in the […]</p>
<p>It is only in the quality of lives we impacted that we shall be remembered most; and not in the quantity of things we accumulated. One thing we always look forward to each day is the opportunity to equip and/or mentor the new generation of African youth in key areas […]</p>

Golden Consult Africa

We Are Building The Pillars Of Africa ABOUT US

Who We Are

Our Vision

We are Building the Pillars of Africa through creating spaces for raising authentic leaders, empowerment of young entrepreneurs and human resource development starting with Uganda and beyond.

Our Mission

We are committed to empowering Africa’s young leaders, entrepreneurs and human resource niche through leadership skills development, entrepreneurship training, capacity building and human resource development; promoting the ideals of creating a robust niche of integral leaders and successful entrepreneurs in Africa, enhancing excellent performance at workplaces, and overall increase in productivity.

Our Values

We Cherish Excellence, Team work, Integrity, Respect, Hard work and Appreciation of Diversity

Our Commitment

We will be there with you, whenever you need us

About Us

Golden Consult Africa is a social enterprise based in Uganda with a mission of building the pillars of Africa through creating spaces for raising authentic leaders, empowerment of young entrepreneurs and human resource development.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services in the fields of leadership development and / or capacity building, entrepreneurial skills development and human resource/talent development.


Many nations in Africa today are going through one big crisis that has drastically challenged the growth of their economies and general well being of their citizens - "leadership" characterized by high rates of corruption, undemocratic and egocentric in nature. At GCA, we believe in "Servant Leadership", the concept of leadership that seeks to work for the good of and serves everyone with absolute integrity. The Youth Leadership Development Initiative we offer aims at equipping the young or emerging leaders with integral leadership skills, raising a new breed of honest leaders in Africa who will champion positive transformation in their communities and beyond.

Talent Search and Development

Africa today is having the highest of it's population dominated by the youth and each year hundreds of thousands graduate from different institutions with homes of finding employment which is usually not always easy to get and as such, over 60% of the youth are unemployed. At GCA, we offer training opportunities to equip various job seekers with job search skills search as business networking, resume and cover letter writing, interview tips, among others. On top of this, we offer recruitment and training services - helping purpose driven companies and organizations find the best talents that suit their need - men and women of integrity.


In this, we are reaching out to to equip emerging entrepreneurs with basic business skills such as business plan formulation, marketing strategies, financial management, among others; so that they can ably start, manage and grow successful businesses. On top of this, we often create for them platforms for networking and synergy; and in future we hope to provide seed capital to help them implement their business ideas.


Many professionals in our communities lack professional communication skills, public speaking being one fundamental one; no wonder they struggle to find jobs, effect leadership roles or move far in their careers. To fix this, GCA offers a specialized and practical professional public speaking skills and professional communication skills training to enable them overcome their fears and communicate effectively.



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At Golden Consult Africa, we cherish and strive to promote a culture of transparency among each other and our partners above everything else. We are always keen on ensuring that we do the right thing at all times and that we put the interests of the organization and its mission before our own. Transparency is in our veins.

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We are a Passionate, Creative and Innovative team, constantly researching and bringing in new impulse and ideas as well as evaluating and renewing our ways in achieving best results. We strongly believe that every challenge is an opportunity to excel. Excelling in everything we do is in our high priority. We work to achieve the best.

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The Golden Consult Africa's team values everyone’s uniqueness, abilities, contributions and responsibilities. This means we do not fear, but honor each other based on the high values we attach to everyone. It’s also about recognizing authority and acting within our limits/boundaries. It's about the virtue of respect.

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